Website owners are always trying to encourage more users to visit their websites, after all, high traffic is all that matters. There are a lot of different methods that website owners use to increase conversion rates, however, some techniques have proven to be more effective than others. Businesses who want to boost conversion rates have started to use social logins. For those who do not know, social login is a feature that allows the user to easily access the website using their social media account. In this way, the user doesn’t have to go through the pain of filling out a registration form. There are a ton of benefits of using social logins, and here you will find some of the main highlights.

Users Dislike Creating New Accounts

According to reports and surveys, around 86% of the users have reported that they don’t like to create new accounts for different websites. Asking the user to enter their email address along with other details really puts them off. This has even contributed to driving the users to other websites that don’t bother the users with registration forms. Over 50% of the user has said that they might as well go to a new website rather than fill out a lengthy registration form. If you want your website to prosper, then you need to use social login as it is a more hassle-free approach.

Over 70% of Users Believe that Social Login is Better

Users from around the world are just looking for a hassle-free way to surf the web and there is no doubt that with the help of social login life has become easier. As a website owner, it doesn’t matter if you are earning through ads or sales, the main thing is that you need the highest number of people to interact with your website. If you are worried about the amount of traffic you are getting, you really should think about whether our registration process is driving them off. Try using social login instead, as studies have reported that by using social login websites were able to increase user engagement by up to 68%.

Users Don’t Choose to Recover Their Login Info

If a user goes through the pain of filling out a registration form, there is a change that they might forget the credentials. This is never a good thing because reports have suggested that over 90% of users don’t bother recovering their login info. Instead, they will just create a new account or move to a new website entirely, and the latter is much more common. Offering social login helps as the user doesn’t need to remember new passwords, however, it is still not enough. You need to make sure that your website is worthwhile and offers the users the right products and services. There are a ton of another website on the internet too, you just need to ensure that your users don’t end up on those websites.

Incorrect Data

It is difficult to trust a website right away, so, whenever a website asks the user to register a lot of users have admitted to entering incorrect data. This is a tricky business because on one hand where the user is providing incorrect data, on the other hand, the user also gets annoyed when the website is showing them ads of things that they are not interested in. Users fail to understand that the website needs the correct information to create a better experience. With social login, there is a higher chance that the website will receive the correct information.

Irrelevant Promotions

Every one of us has experienced receiving a wrong or irrelevant promotions on a website. This can get very annoying because seeing an ad to buy men’s suits over and over again can get boring. However, with the help social login, you will be able to receive more meaningful promotions. This is because social login allows the website to filter the content according to the user’s interest and this helps to provide a more personalized experience. This will make the website a lot more engaging which is exactly what you are after.

People Post About Services They Like

If more people have started to visit your website and they like your products and services, it is now time to engage with the users and encourage them to share your content on social media. If your users start to share your products on social media, consider it a big win. This is because social media gives you access to a bigger audience. However, marketing campaigns can go either way and you need to think of a proper strategy to make sure that it doesn’t backfire.

You Need Better Data

As a website owner, the data that users provide is of utmost importance because that is what will allow you to give your users the best experience. With data, you can know your users and as a result, know what they like and dislike. The more reliable and detailed the data is, the easier it is going to be for your business model. This is why you need social login because it gives you access to a lot of data that is also reliable.

People Follow Others

A lot of users out there have said that they tend to buy products that are recommended to them by others. This is why it is important that you know your users and build a trusted relationship. Once that relationship grows the user will start to share their experience with others and that will redirect more traffic to your website.

Social Engagement

Technology around the world is evolving and it is important that you evolve with it. The bottom line I that you need to make sure that you have a decent social media marketing strategy. This is because it is going to make a huge difference. Social media is a place where millions of people are accessible at a given moment, so you should use it to your advantage.

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Waking up early and going to your place of work either by commute or by car can be a difficult task. Doing the same thing every day for a set number of hours can become quite monotonous and boring. Worst of you, you are forced to leave the comfort of your bed just so that you may get a few bucks at the end of each month. However, what if there was a way to get rid of all of this boring stuff and make money from anywhere at any time. This is what affiliate marketing offers, it has become one of the most popular marketing tactics around the world that allows businesses to boost sales and do it at a fraction of the cost. The highlight is that affiliate marketing is beneficial for both the brands and affiliate marketers, this is one of the main reasons why it has gained so much traction.

According to statistics around 81% of brands in the United States alone use affiliate marketing. In 2017, Amazon even changed their affiliate structure which encouraged more people to indulge in it and also increase their passive income.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

The idea of affiliate marketing is as simple as it gets, the basic idea behind this strategy is that the affiliate earns a commission on every sale of the product, the product, however, belongs to some other company or person. All the affiliate needs to do is, search for the product that they like and promote it on any portal, then they earn a share in the profit from each sale. All of the sales are tracked through affiliate links and this provides a steady method to keep everything in check. People who have doing affiliate marketing for a long time even earn millions of dollars through it. Some people started affiliated marketing as a side gig but ended up making it their main source of income.

How Does It Work?

One of the reasons why affiliate marketing produces great results is that it divides the responsibilities of product creation and marketing across different individuals. This is why it can also benefit from the skills of a lot of different people making the marketing strategy even more effective. To make this strategy work, three main groups need to be involved. They are the product creators, the affiliates and the consumer. So, let’s talk about each of these parties in detail now.

Product Creators

The seller or product creator is an entrepreneur or a large enterprise that has a product that they want to market. The product can be anything, it can be a physical object, a service or something digital. The seller does not need to be involved in the marketing directly however, they still get revenue from the sale that the affiliate is making.

The Affiliate

The affiliate, on the other hand, can either be a company or an individual that promotes the seller’s product in an attractive way. In simple words, the only duty of the affiliate is to promote the product in a way that customers believe that the product will benefit them, and therefore they will go ahead with the purchase. If the consumer buys the product, the affiliate will get a portion from the revenue. Affiliates don’t need to promote the product everywhere, instead they have a specific audience who are only interested in a particular product.

The Consumer

The consumers are probably one of the most important pieces of the puzzle as they are the main drivers of affiliate marketing. Whenever the consumer buys the product, the affiliate and the seller will share the profit. In some cases, the affiliate might disclose to the customer that they are receiving a commission on the sale. The affiliates share in the profit is included in the retail price so that the affiliate and seller don’t run into problems later on.

How Do Affiliates Get Paid?

Affiliate marketing is certainly beneficial for those individuals who want to increase their online income. The process is completely hassled free and it also gives good results. There are a few different payment methods that can be decided between the affiliate and the seller. Let’s take a look at them now.

Pay Per Sale

The first method is pay per sale, as the name suggests using this methodology the affiliate gets paid by the seller on every sale that is made. So, in order to improve the earnings, the affiliate needs to make sure that he creates as many sales as possible.

Pay Per Lead

Another method is pay per lead, in this method the affiliate gets paid when they convince the consumer to perform some kind of action on the seller’s website. The action can be anything from making a purchase to trying a trial product or even subscribing to a newsletter. If the consumer performs any of these tasks, the affiliate gets paid.

Pay Per Click

Unlike the previous method, in pay per click, the affiliate only needs to make sure that they are able to redirect the highest number of people to the seller’s website. The more people they redirect the more they get paid. This essentially means that the affiliate will receive a set sum of money on ever click the customers make on a given link.

Why Should You Become an Affiliate Marketer?

There are a ton of reasons that should convince you to get into affiliate marketing, however, one of the biggest reason is that it becomes a source of passive income. Unlike a job where you need to complete certain tasks every day to get paid at the end of the month, in affiliate marketing you can make money even when you sleep. If you invest a good amount of time in your campaign, in the beginning, you can get it up and running. The customers will then just keep on coming and making purchases even when you are not around to look over.

Another big advantage is that you don’t even need to deal with customer support. You are only there to promote the product and ensure that the consumer makes a purchase if the customer makes a purchase and finds that there is something wrong with the product you won’t get any of the blame. Whatever the problem the customer as they can take it up with the seller themselves.

If you are someone who hates waking up early and getting ready to go to work, then affiliate marketing is just for you. Unlike most other mediums of earning, you can work from home as an affiliate marketer. All you need is a decent internet connection and you will be good to go.

Most businesses need an initial investment to get the cash flowing, however, the story is very different when it comes to affiliate marketing. You can start your marketing campaign without any hassle and if you choose to join an affiliate program then you don’t even have to pay a fee. Best of all, you don’t even need to manufacture your own product. All you need is a seller who wants to market their product and you are good to go.


Affiliate marketing is a great option for those who are trying to take control of their life and set up a steady source of income. In the start, you can just focus on a few products and then get the ball rolling. Once you think that the current products are doing very well, you can then start to introduce more products. One thing that you need to make sure is that the product you choose should be relevant. For example, if your blog is about food then the products you choose should be food-related. Otherwise, the traffic that visits your website will not be interested in buying that product.

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What is Live Chat Module?

The Live Chat Prestashop Module is an application through which you can easily chat with more than 100 customers at a time.  The module is home to a wonderful design and high security. The module also has various Chat features pertaining to PrestaShop.

The Product Dynamics

If you are searching for a chat module whose chatting experience is the greatest and which operates smoothly in all kind of devices then the Live Chat Module is the way forward for you.  The module is conducive both for you as well as your customers.

A Unique Module

There are a lot of things which make this Module Unique. Some key aspects have been stated in the points below

  • The module is home to a user driven service
  • You can chat with more than 100 different individuals through it
  • The security layers that have been implemented in the module are the highest
  • Countless features are available in the module
  • Free GEOIP service and Google Map is their
  • The Multi-Shop is supported by the module
  • No Monthly fee is their

Features in Detail

Now let’s see the features in more detail:

1.      Interface

The Live chat module has an interface which is designed in such a way that it looks highly attractive to the general audience.

The frontend chat box is adorable. The chat box can also be customized through effective utilization of the backend custom text and color picker.  Your customer can easily minimize, maximize, close or show the frontend chat box. The chat box works perfectly in mobile devices; which provides a wonderful experience to the customers.

The backend provides the multi chat boxes as well as the side conversation list. The list can come on any page which means that you can converse with many customers at the same time.  The features are integrated in the chat boxes.

2.      Outstanding Performance

The module has been designed in such a way that you do not need to depend much on the customer web browser (memory) or server resource. Dreaming Live Chat is also equipped with options pertaining to custom timing. The options are compatible with server configuration.  The “auto-optimize refresh speed” can also be enabled.

3.      Security and Safety

The module is home to multi security layers which assist you in the enabling of security levels. This helps you in getting rid of attackers and spam.  The module is programmed in such a way that it automatically filer’s the spam messages.  The Captcha Protection layer is also very much there.

4.      Google Map

The feature of free map is very much there. The map is dependent upon GEO IP services and Google Map.  The customer location can easily be traced through effective utilization of the map.  The feature is free of cost and all it requires is the set up API key.

5.      Support

An E-commerce website is highly dependent on chat support.  The dreaming live chat module is highly compatible when it comes to multi-shop mode (PrestaShop).  Installing the app actually allow you to chat with clients having different shops at the similar backend.

6.      Single Payment

The module is one-time free which means that you only need to pay once. There is no monthly payment or alike.  The module can be easily installed on the server and provides you with complete control on your customer discussion. The module also protects the client information.

7.      Highlighted Features

There are some features which serve as the key highlights of Live Chat software. These features are as follows

  • The module has an editor which has a visual interface
  • 4 online statuses are supported by the module
  • The message delivery status is provided by the module
  • You can set up ready-made messages in the module. The bot will chat with the customer for you
  • The operator can be rated by the customer on a scale of 5 levels

Other Key Aspects

  • The module is free from hidden codes
  • Guidelines have been provided with regards to the installation of the module
  • The module runs smoothly on all PrestaShop websites
  • Free support has been provided as far as module downloading or installation goes
  • 24 hour online support is their

From the Eye of the customer

Dreaming live chat is a basically a chat module which is highly compatible with PrestaShop website. The module is the need of an hour and any person who is linked with online work or ecommerce will surely purchase it.  The application is home to fantastic features and is something which is the need of an hour.


  • The product provides you support of 3 months
  • Ensure that the product operates well on the store for at least 12 months with the Option Zen

Installation Procedure

  • Login to the website from the Backend
  • Modules and services should be navigated
  • Click the upload module button and enjoy the module; once installed
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What is data migration?

As the name indicates, Data migration basically means migration of data from the source Prestashop website to the target Prestashop website or you can migrate data from another platform – Woocommerce to Prestashop.  The process is a little complex and requires a methodology which is robust. Through this article, we have shared with you a data migration guide which will surely reduce the risks which are inherent in data migration from a PrestaShop website.  The guide mentioned below is ideal for Prestashop users.

Scoping of the Project

At the beginning of the project, scoping highlights the possible issues that may appear later on. Scoping helps the migration team in planning for any kind of potential threats.  The main purpose of scoping is to thoroughly go through the project and to do a deep analysis.  The project is reviewed both in terms of its structure as well as its technical aspects.

1. Structure

Following things are considered as far as the structure of the project upgrade Prestashop from 1.6 to 1.7 is concerned

  • Are the objectives and the deadlines of the project adequately defined
  • Is the budget optimum?
  • Does the plan includes all the major requirements of the stakeholders
  • Is there any kind of communication plan developed? If yes, does it include all the major stakeholders?
  • Are the team members enough and do they possess the required skills? In case they are consultants than for how long they will be available for the project?

2. Technical Aspects

Following are the things which are considered for the technical aspect of the Upgrade Prestahsop to

  • The migration method: Prestashop migrator, Woocommerce to Prestashop or 1 click to migrate.
  • The plan for data security
  • The technical features of the data migration tool: you should choose the tool that allows you migrate a part or all of data. Especially, that tool migrate all of the data include password of cusomters and employee from your source Prestashop site.
  • The quality, structure, and volume of the data
  • Is the software as per the skills of the individuals working on the project?

3. The Migration Methodology

For successful data migration, a clear methodology is highly important. The majority of the companies that provide data migration services have their own unique methods.  Our method involves the pre-migration scoping, followed by core migration process and project assessments. Whatever may be the case, the methodology should involve the following:

  • First of all the extraction design is created.
  • Secondly, the migration design is created.
  • Thirdly the mapping rules are developed.
  • Then the test overview is done.
  • Then the unit test is conducted.
  • After the unit test, the integration test is held.
  • A proper recovery plan is developed for each stage of the migration.
  • Finally, the go-live plan is made.

4. Data Preparation

The data preparation involves a number of phases such as:

  • The landscape analysis audits how each particular system works and how the data is structured within each system.
  • Secondly, the data assurance is done. It validates the data that has been identified in the landscape analysis. It also validates that the data is fit for the purpose.
  • Thirdly the data profiling is done. The data profiling ensures that any previous data is ideal for the new requirement of the company.
  • The data quality definitions are utilized in order to identify if the data is of correct standard or not.
  • A retirement plan is made to define, a particular data is no longer needed.
  • After this data verification is done which is further followed by data cleansing. The data cleansing checks whether the data is complete, available and accessible.
  • Finally, the data impact analysis is done which ensures that the data cleansing is free from the Knock-on effect on the other elements within the target systems and source.

5. Data Security

Data security is very critical in all of the platform include Prestashop and the migration team must develop a data security plan earlier. The plan includes the following important things.

  • First of all secure data transfer needs to be ensured.
  • Secondly, a secure server access needs to be ensured.
  • Similarly, secure data access must be made possible.
  • You need to come up with the exact number of permissions that are required for the transferring of the data.
  • Vetting and clearance of personal consultants.
  • The information sessions or training required by the personnel.
  • Vetting of the software that needs to be utilized for the migration process.
  • Finally email protocols and portable storage devices.

6. Business Engagement

The presence of experienced business leaders will ensure that the data migration process goes off smoothly. The main purpose of the migration is to make the business process efficient and effective. If this thing is communicated well, then everything will go off smoothly.  The project will benefit provided:

  • If it is well aligned with the business profit.
  • If the expectations are well managed.
  • If the particular business issues are linked to it.
  • If professional practices are demonstrated.
  • If quick wins are established.

Make Your Move

Do not worry as the steps above are ideal for you even if you are a PrestaShop user. Make your Move and enhance the effectiveness of your Business.  Try to utilize Prestashop migration platforms like Prestashop Migrator and 1 click to Migrate.

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Easier Said than Done!

Whether you want to migrate the data from Woocomerce to PrestaShop (New Version) or you want it transferred from Prestashop (old version) to the new version, our migration modules are the way forward for you.  However, data migration is easy said than done and the process can be very tricky.  There are certain tips which you can follow to make your migration process smooth. These Tips have been stated in the paragraphs below.

1.     Platform

The first thing which you need to do is to choose your platform.  However, before choosing any platform, you have to ensure whether it is compatible with your business or not.  It is preferred that your chosen platform should be home to features like product promotions, product listing, customer service, product fulfillment and marketing communications.

Because of WordPress/Woocommerce is great for simple websites however if you’re looking for a professional and powerful e-commerce platform, Woocommerce is not your choice. PrestaShop is one of the best choices for you. With PrestaShop, you can build your site become a true E-commerce website.

If you are wondering to migrate WooCommerce to PrestaShop, don’t miss the WooCommerce to PrestaShop migration module.

With WooCommerce to PrestaShop migration, you can transfer all of the data from the source site (WooCommerce or WordPress) to the target site (PrestaShop 1.7 or the lastest version). You have many choices of the type data that you want to migrate and another awesome, you can choose to change or recover the customer password.

2.     Time Table

The next thing which you should do is to create a deployment timetable for yourself.  To create the timetable it is recommended that you should go for a project management software. You need to develop a timetable which defines the schedule for the execution of each task involved in the data migration process.

3.     Mapping

Develop a complete flow chart of the different business processes which were involved in your previous platform and map it to the process in the new system.  The mapping procedure will ultimately result in new changes in your entire business process.  The Mapping helps in the identification of benefits and drawbacks.

4.     Sandbox

Within the new Ecommerce platform, utilize a sandbox. Similarly, try to test all your different business processes.  You can also utilize any custom coding of course if demanded by the system. The processes can be utilized once they are evaluated.

5.     Mapping (Custom Journey)

Just like business process, you should also map customer journey to the one which is new. You should also check whether the customer has the ability to complete the whole cycle in the new platform.

6.     Import/Export Features

Before you actually start the migration process, it is recommended that you should test your data. Furthermore, you need to evaluate the export and import functionalities in the platform which is new.  Exploration of export and import features will ensure a migration which is smooth.

7.     Domain and Issues

During the migration process, you need to keep checking any changes that occur in the domain of the Ecommerce platform.  In case domain changes get identified then in such a situation you have two options. Either you can delete the indexed URL from the Engine or you may simply redirect to the new page.

8.     Integration Strength

Check the integration strength of the new platform. Your new platform should smoothly integrate with the other systems that are used for CRM and Accounting etc.

9.     SSL Certificate

You have to get your SSL certificate changed; this is a requirement which occurs when you change your Ecommerce platform. However, changing the certificate requires some technical knowledge.

10.Product Migration

If your product is simple, in this case, you can develop a CSV export file and upload the file to your new system. In the case of complex products, you can use the most popular Prestashop Migrator – Upgrade Prestashop 1.6 to 1.7 modules.
With the PrestaShop migration tool, migrating data is easier than ever. You will save a lot of time, manpower at extremely low costs. You can choose the type of data that you want to migrate, but still ensure the integrity of the data.

11.Email and Configuration

Email configuration is very important and if you fail to configure the email in your new system then this means that your customers won’t be able to receive any kind of emails.


If you are serious about tracking the traffic on your new Ecommerce site then for this you need to install the analytics in your new system.

13.Search Engine Optimization

After launching your new platform it is preferred that you utilize the optimization techniques which are new. Some new SEO techniques are as follows:

  • New Title
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Links reindexing
  • Deep Optimization

14.Organizing User Data

Just like your product data, it is mandatory that you should migrate the user data utilizing APPSeCONNECT.

15.Employee Training

You should pass your employees through a rigorous training process so that they may be able to successfully use the new Ecommerce Platform.

16.Customer Notifications

You should immediately notify your present customers about the change that’s about to happen in your store.

17.Make the System Live

It is preferred that you should make your new system live and that too parallel with the old system. You can also retain the data of your old website for the future use.


If there are third party plugins in your old platform then in such a situation you can always search for an alternative available in the new platform. Reinstall Prestashop login module if your website contain such module!

19.Testing Period

Lastly, test your new Ecommerce platform for at least 2 weeks.

The Final Word

The tips mentioned above require no rocket science. You can apply them with ease and as a result, achieve successful data migration.

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What is CAPTCHA?

CAPTCHA is a contraction for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”. It is basically a kind of test (challenge-response) utilized in computing in order to determine if the user is a human being or not.

The term CAPTCHA was originally introduced in 2003 by John Langford, Manuel Blum and Luis von Ahn. The CAPTCHA form actually requires the user to type the letters which are displayed in an image which is very much distorted. Since it is a computer based test hence CAPTCHA is also sometimes referred to as reverse Turing test.

CAPTCHA has also been criticized by many. The disabled people usually hold a very negative view pertaining to it. Similarly many ordinary people also criticize CAPTCHA based on the premise that it really slows down the daily tasks. 10 seconds is the average time which a person takes in order to solve CAPTCHA.

Characteristics of CAPTCHA

The processes involved in CAPTCHA are highly automated and in majority of the cases there is no need for human maintenance etc. The overall benefits of CAPTCHA are more linked with its reliability as well as cost.

The algorithms which are utilized for the development of CAPTCHA have been made public however these algorithms are secured by Patent. The modern day CAPTCHAs are text based and have been designed in such a way that they are in need of using three different abilities namely parsing, invariant recognition and segmentation. These abilities are used to finish the task with any kind of consistency.

  • The potential to recognize a lot of variation in the shapes of different letters is known as Invariant recognition.
  • The ability or potential to separate one particular letter from the other is called segmentation. The segmentation is made very difficult in the CAPTCHA, the characters are held together with no significant space in between.
  • Context is also something which is highly critical. One must understand CAPTCHA holistically so that the characters can be identified correctly.


Is Captcha Really Needed on the forms?

The best way to stop spambots from entering your webpage is CAPTCHA. This is one of the strongest arguments which proponents CAPTCHA place. On the other hand the people who are against CAPTCHA come up with this argument that it is something which is annoying and really disrupts the process within which a person is currently in.

The best way to determine the importance of CAPTCHA is by testing it on the form by yourself. It is better that you test the, from in absence of CAPTCHA first to see the real difference.

Prestashop is one of the most famous e-commerce platforms that has been using by hundreds thousand online store over the world. Recently the platforms has been being spammed by auto-fill robots as it comes with no CAPTCHA protection for contact form by default. Prestashop captcha contact form is an innovative Prestashop module developed by talented Prestashop developers and has been proved to be the best CAPTCHA module for Prestashop.


Both RECAPTCHA as well as CAPTCHA have the same purpose. The RECAPTCHA was introduced to get the newspapers, old books and addresses digitalized. Its basic purpose is to transform the words that cannot be crawled by computers into CAPTCHAs for human beings to solve.

The Alternative

A Drawing CAPTCHA is also very much their which allows the utilizers to trace the images that have been randomly selected rather than typing in the box. If the drawing is done with a little bit of accuracy then the system will not take you as a bot.  This may take more time as compared to traditional CAPTCHA however this is something interesting.





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A Brief Description

The PrestaShop abandoned cart module or Cart Reminder 4 IN 1 serves as the main attraction tool for your customers. The Module results in high customer retention and subsequently higher sales.

The Main Offering

One of the studies has revealed the fact that 50% of the shopping carts are abandoned.  By installing the PrestaShop Abandoned Cart module you can covert the abandoned carts into sales.  The module helps you in sending the cart reminder emails to the clients.

The clients are the ones who have left the shopping carts on your webpage.  You can also add the special offers or voucher codes to the emails for the enhancement of conversation rate.

The Major Features

1.      Send abandoned cart reminder via Email

Cart Reminder 4 IN 1 assists you in sending reminder emails automatically to the clients. The emails contain a message which tells the customer to come back to your webpage so that they may fulfill their orders.

The module also has a feature through which you can add a voucher code in the email. The code encourages the customers to complete checking of their shopping carts that have been abandoned.

The webpage’s abandoned cart list can also be checked by you through the module. You can easily send the cart reminder to a particular client through an email. The purpose is to update the customers with regards to their abandoned carts.

Beautiful email templates are their through which you can easily develop an abandoned cart (reminder email)

2.      Popup notification

The notification feature actually reduces the abandoned cart on your webpage.  If the client leaves your site without completing the shopping cart, the module will show a notification telling the customer the earnestness of the shopping cart. You can grab this opportunity to offer a discount code to the customer. This will increase the customer attention and ultimately sales.

The pop-up content can be customized through HTML editor. There are many codes available which you can integrate into your content.  Pre-made pop-up templates are also available.

3.      Highlight Bar notification

The operation of highlight notification is very similar to the pop up bar.  The only difference lies in the fact that instead of pop up a beautiful highlight bar gets displayed on the top of the site.  Just like pop up, discount can be added in this case as well.  The purpose is of course to increase the conversation rate.

4.      Web Browser notification

Cart Reminder 4 IN 1 takes complete benefit out of web browser notification by showing a cart reminder underneath a form of notification.  The client can always witness the notification on the desktop.

Other Important Features

  • The emails to be sent can be set
  • The sending emails can be limited to the recent carts
  • The email reminders pertaining to abandoned carts can be both disabled as well as enabled
  • The pop up reminders pertaining to abandoned carts can be enabled and disabled
  • The MISC option is their

Other information

  • The module has been developed by professional developers with adequate experience
  • The module is easy to use and install ( guidelines are available)
  • The module has been passed through a test on Prestashop 1.7.x , 1.6.x
  • 24 hour support is their

Customer Perspective

The customer will receive high value from the module. The customers will get due information pertaining to the shopping carts that have been abandoned by them. Similarly discount information can also be grasped.  Features like web browser, popup and highlight bar reminder will surely attract the target market or customers.


  • 3 month support available
  • Ensure that the product runs well with Option Zen on your store for at least 12 months

Installing Tips

  • Login to the back office of your website
  • Navigate (services and modules)
  • Click on the upload button and get the module installed.
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A Blog module is absolutely necessary for you when it comes to blog management of your website. There are many options in the market as far as Blog module is concerned however not every module out their delivers what it promises. A highly regarded module nowadays is that of Mega Menu. The module is good and provides all the features which are necessary for professional blog and content management.

Mega menu: Overview

Mega menu pro is considered as one of the most powerful PrestaShop module of the year 2017. The module is home to a beautiful design and can display on modern day smartphones like Ipad, Android and IPhone.

The Key Highlights and features

There are many things which define PrestaShop Mega menu. Some of these things have been discussed in the points below

  • The module is home to wonderful design options like submenu animation, prebuilt templates and custom color feature. These options help you in the creation of a professional mega menu for your webpage.
  • A change gets applied in the backend for the purpose of avoiding reloading of webpage. PrestaShop Mega menu has been developed via 100% jQuery Ajax technology. The technology allows you to see changes which you make in the backend. The module also permits you to drop and drag the elements for the development of mega menu as per your liking.
  • Mega menu can also be utilized for the development of mega menu which can be shown on all the devices regardless of the screen size. The application supports browsing and smooth viewing via its mobile menu. The three types of mobile menu that can be set as per your preference are bottom menu, side menu and full screen
  • No advanced computer knowledge is required for the management of PrestaShop Mega menu pro. The module can be well managed by you even if you have basic computer knowledge. 3 elements have contributed to the organization of PrestaShop Mega menu pro. These 3 elements are block, menu and column. Things like duplicating, adding, editing and deleting of the items can be done with ease.
  • Mega menu pro is equipped with different customization methodologies. For example the module allows you to utilize different content types and that too inside your top menu. Similarly Mega menu provides you with more than 500 Google fonts. You can also add your own CSS through backend
  • The entire content of mega menu can be easily exported or imported in Mega menu pro simply by a click. The feature is advanced and is surely not available in other PrestaShop modules available for free. The menu content can be easily transferred as per your necessity
  • PrestaShop Mega Menu pro is simply the best when it comes to blog modules. The application can support multiple languages including RTL languages like Hebrew and Arabic
  • Mega menu pro is also home to its own smart cache. The cache ensures that all of the menu content is loaded promptly. It does not matter whether your menu is home to a complex structure or not

Some other Plus Points!

  • Design ( more than 5 mega menu templates, more than 8 premade color skins)
  • SEO ( instant installation of complex mega menu, an Optimized CSS)
  • Menu ( responsive menu and 3 mobile types of menu)

Other Benefits

There are some extra benefits as well which are linked with Mega menu pro. These benefits are as follows

  • The PrestaShop Menu module is purely open source
  • A user guide is very much their; attached!
  • The PrestaShop mega menu is compatible with the custom theme which is installed on your webpage
  • The application is compatible with web browsers like internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome
  • The installation support is free
  • Support for all kind of technical issues is available 24/7

A Serious Source of customer attraction

The PrestaShop mega menu is the foremost thing which your customers will recognize once they visit your website. The wonderful design equipped with animation effects is something which will surely serve as the main force as far as customer retention goes.

Secondly easy navigation is something which every customer out their craves for. Easy and simple access to products and submenus on your webpage mega menu will provide your clients a convenient way to make their online buying without any difficulty and hassle of any kind.


Do not be shy of contacting us as far as support is concerned. If you encounter any problem pertaining to the installation of the module then rest assured that our technical team is ready to serve you. In order to get the right solutions it is recommended that you raise the questions with our technical team. Overall the module is easy to use and you will surely enjoy it.  Do not waste time and quickly purchase this application to avoid any difficulties!

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PrestaShop is basically a content management system which serves as the backbone of your E-commerce website. The software can really assist you as far as enhancement of your online sales is concerned. Without any doubt PrestaShop is the best when it comes to E-commerce platforms and softwares.

General Benefits

  • Set up is easy
  • Debugging is simple
  • Version updated requires no rocket science
  • Less server resources

PrestaShop is the Best!

If you are a business person then you should immediately avail PrestaShop to create a perfect user experience for the customers who visit your page. The software is available for free and is also open source. PrestaShop is the best E-commerce platform for you, if you do not believe us then consider reading the headings below

1.      The Product Features

The best and the only way to grow your business are by increasing your sales. To increase sales you need to enhance the product portfolio. PrestaShop is a kind of platform on which product increase has no affect at all. On this platform, you can increase your product range without any hindrance.

Prestashop also has modules to save your lost sales, one of the most famous ones is Cart reminder 4 in 1 – an innovative Prestashop abandoned cart module, by installing this module, you can increase your sales by 50%!

The built-in features of the software help you in the customization of extensions and modules. The customization actually helps you in the controlling of feel and look of your online website. The functionality of PrestaShop further increases due to the add-ons and plug-in options it has under its belt.

2.      Efficient panel of Administration

One of the most impressive features of PrestaShop is its cluttered administrative panel. The panel does not require any rocket science and you can master it with ease.

The PrestaShop Dashboard is home to tools through which you can set up and manage the catalogue. The settings of dashboard are instinctive to use, counters centric and state driven.

3.      SEO

All your efforts will go in vain, if your customers do not know about you in the first place. You need to get your webpage digitally optimized if you want the right customers to visit your page, these why should you have a Responsive Website.

There are numerous features which PrestaShop offers for proper optimization of your page such as customized URLs and Keyword tags. These features enhance your reach to the audience.

4.      Webpage Builder

It does not matter whether you have any idea about website building or not. You can always avail e-commerce site up (PrestaShop) for the effective running of your site. The website builder has various opportunities and options which help in the inviting of customers.

5.      Responsiveness

In today’s environment, you require a site which operates well on modern day tablets and smartphones. The themes offered by PrestaShop are good. These themes ensure that your online store gives a fabulous look.

You can research “Mobile Web: A Brief Analysis

There are a lot of animation effects which PrestaShop offers and these effects help you in showing each and every aspect your online store has to present as it progresses. For your specifications and data there is a big assortment of PrestaShop store templates.

6.      Community

The developers’ community is huge in PrestaShop. The fame of PrestaShop has increased its community strength to about 100,000. Similarly the number of downloads are 5 million utilized in more than 100 countries.

7.      Integration

The products which have been listed on your website will get automatically listed in the most famous webpages provided you utilize the relevant software (add-on). The feature of inventory tracking as the name indicates will help you track the inventory of every product. This surely helps in the prevention of overselling.

8.      Payment

There is a feature in PrestaShop which helps you in the enabling of gateway choices for E-commerce stores. Through PrestaShop you can work as well as manage as many gateways you need for the ultimate success of your particular business.

For a customer experience which is smooth, the part of checkout must be efficient and exhaustive. In a PrestaShop website, the clients can extract a summary related to their transactions before they actually proceed to the validation of the cart.

A huge range of gateway and payment solutions are integrated in PrestaShop. The activity helps in the spreading of clients across different geographical locations.

9. Contact Form

Prestashop allows you to install additional Contact Form module such as Prestashop Contact Form 7, form builder, etc. It also offers a built-in simple default contact form. This help you quickly creates a professional contact form for your website

The Final Word

There are several Ecommerce solutions that are available out there. However, every E-commerce solution does not have the right solution for you. You need to select the E-commerce platform which suits your business needs.

PrestaShop is surely not a bad choice; however you need to analyze your needs before coming up with a decision.

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E-commerce: An Insight

The transaction of selling and buying online is known as E-commerce (electronic commerce). E-commerce makes full use of various technologies like supply chain management, mobile commerce, internet marketing, EDI and inventory management systems.

The modern day E-commerce utilizes “world wide web” as its base. You should create a responsive website is one of the best solution to make your E-commerce website became popular and get hight rank page on Google Search. The three key areas on which E-commerce focuses on is online auctions, online retail and electric markets.

General Types of E-commerce

There are many types of E-commerce out there and in the headings below we have explained these types in detail

1.      B2B (Business to Business)

B2B involves all kinds of electronic transactions of services or goods conducted among companies. Traditional wholesalers and producers operate via this Ecommerce type.

2.      B2C (Business to Consumer)

The B2C E-commerce gets distinguished by the development of business relationships that are electronic in nature. The relationship exists between final consumers and businesses. It is very much like E-commerce’s retail section.

3.      C2C (Consumer to Consumer)

C2C is home to all kind of electronic transactions of services or goods conducted among customers. In majority of the cases these kinds of transactions are made via a third party. The third party is responsible for the provision of an online platform where different transactions take place.

4.      C2B (Consumer to Business)

C2B is very common when it comes to projects which are based on crowd sourcing. There are a lot of people who make their products and services available for sale. The products or services are directed towards the companies who are searching for them.

5.      B2A (Business to Administration)

Online transactions which are held between public administration and companies fall under the category of B2A. B2A involves different kind of services such as legal documents, social security and employment etc.

6.      C2A (Consumer to Administration)

C2A covers all kinds of electronic transactions which are held between public administration and individuals. Some applications of C2A are

  • Health
  • Social security
  • Taxes

The Benefits

Now let’s jump to the main part of our discourse which is the relationship between a retailer and E-commerce.

Nowadays, Mobile Web is so popular, Google begins mobile-first indexing, using mobile content for all search rankings. You can research Mobile Web: A Brief Analysis to choose a matching website for yourself. This can help your store makes the bigger benefits.

There are many benefits which a retailer can enjoy from E-commerce. The benefits have been explained below

1.      Online Presence

According to a statistic, more than 80% of people have utilized the internet for the purchasing of something. As a retailer online presence is very important. The consumer out their expect that you are available on the internet. You need to have this presence to beat your competition.

2.      New Consumers

As a smart business personnel you wish you grow your business. The only way through which you can actually grow your business is by attracting the new customers. Yes you need to rely on your customer relationships and branding however you need to drive the relevant traffic via search engine as well.

To increase the number of customers for your website, you need to improve the communication quality with customers. When your website is an e-commerce website like Prestashop, it’s important that you will install Prestashop live chat module to communicate directly with your customers on your website.

3.      Less Cost Related to Operations

Having an E-commerce store of your own can really help you save a lot of money. The money can be saved via a web-based management system. This system helps in the automation of very important operational tasks such as inventory management etc.

4.      Better understanding

Building of a customer persona is very difficult if you are only having a physical store. You surely can have some idea about the type of customers you are having but all this is more dependent on your perception rather than actual information/data.

You can easily get your customer buying habits tracked via an E-commerce store. Having customer information under your belt means that know you can come up with better business strategies.

5.      Brand Awareness

Through E-commerce you can actually increase your overall brand awareness. If you create more web sites, the search engine can boost and index your placement.  However to reap the maximum benefits it is recommended that you should use appropriate keywords in your content.

6.      More information

There is no limit to the provision of information to the consumers in case of an E-commerce store. From shipping charges to product description to customer reviews, you can equip your customers with the kind of information they require for making the right purchase.

7.      Sales and Conversation

When you start your business in the absence of time and geographical constraints, you manage to grab new audience.  The quantity of visitors and their rate of conversion increases provided you have a proper E-commerce website.

Make Your Move

What are you waiting for? If you really want to compete in modern market then come up with a nice and attractive online store!

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