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The internet services (browser based) that can be accessed from modern day mobile devices like feature phones and smart phones etc. is known as a mobile web. The mobile web browsing is very common nowadays as today we live in an age where many communication gadgets are available. There are many open source platforms support mobile web such as Prestashop, Magento, WordPress, etc.

Gone are the days when people use to access the internet from their desktops and Laptops. Today we have smart phones and tablets etc through which you can access the internet from anywhere you want.

As business personnel you simply cannot ignore these gadgets. You need to come up with a website that can function on these modern day communication gadgets as well. Ignoring this aspect can really make your business suffer as nowadays we live in an environment where people are utilizing smart phones for even sending their emails.

Prestashop is one of the most famous e-commerce platform, it supports mobile web very well and are used by millions online shops around the internet. Prestashop smart blog is a common blog module for Prestashop that you should have for your Prestashop website. The blog module is responsive and mobile friendly so it will help your website works better on mobile phones or tables


Let’s touch upon some of the advantages which a Mobile Web can provide you. The advantages have been described in the points below

  • Mobile optimized traffic can be provided via a mobile web
  • A mobile web allows you to develop a design which is simple and which can be navigated with ease
  • It is easy and convenient for the customers
  • Mobile and print marketing strategies can be merged in case of a mobile website

Why a Mobile Web is Different?

There are 10 reasons because of which it can be said that a mobile web is very different from a normal web. These reasons are as follows

1.      Screen

The screen size in case of mobile web is very small. A small display actually means that utilizers can watch a lot of important information at once. The modern day mobile browsers assist the users to zoom out and in with ease. The majority of the content will be below the fold which means that the users need to scroll through the page content.

2.      Processors

The processing power of mobile devices is usually much lower than normal desktop computers. The major contributors behind this phenomenon are your cost as well as battery life. Hence it is recommended that mobile websites must be designed simply and should contain CSS. A lot of JavaScript can make your site slow.

3.      Flash Support

There is either poor or no flash support when it comes to a mobile website. There is no IOS device out their which utilizes Flash. The Android devices that use version 2.2 have the ability to get flash operated.

However still the majority of the users turn it off due to the stability and performance problems it causes. The point is that a website that relies on Flash will not get famous on mobiles. To fill the gap you can utilize SVG, HTML5 and CSS3.

4.      Usage

A major difference between a desktop web and mobile web is that people use a mobile web in a much different way as compared to a desktop web.  In case of a desktop web, a person is workingin the office, surfing the web or may be creating content.

In the case of a mobile web, a person may be sitting on his sofa at home, may be walking in his room while searching an important piece of information. The point is that the general behavior and thinking pattern while going through a mobile web is way different as compared to desktop.

5.      Portrait (Screens)

Most of the desktop displays are home to a landscape orientation. On the contrary in case of mobile devices the majority of the utilizers prefer holding their particular device in a portrait orientation.

The phenomenon is promoting a trend towards mobile websites that are compatible to an orientation which is vertical in nature. The phenomenon results in the following design decisions

  • The content has fewer columns
  • Too much wide elements are not their
  • Instead of down the side, the navigation is along the top

6.      No Browsers

In case of desktop, people surf the webpage through a browser. This is not always the case as far as mobile devices are concerned. Nowadays we have different mobile applications through which popular websites like Twitter and Facebook etc can be accessed without much of a difficulty.

7.      Keyboards (Fiddly)

Typing through mobile devices can be done through two sources. Either you will be using a Fiddly Keyboard having plastic buttons or in case of smartphone, you may be utilizing a sensor key pad. It seems that sensor technology will eventually win as far as mobile devices are concerned.

The Nutshell

To cut the long story short, the mobile based websites are very different from desktop websites in all aspects. With the advancement of technology, it can be easily predicted that mobile webs will dominate the world in the coming years.

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An open source shopping cart basically enhances the open source software package. Anybody can utilize an open source shopping cart whether it is a developer, enthusiasts or even a storeowner. As a store owner you can always pay for any kind of additional service or support in case you are using an open source shopping cart.


Now let’s discuss some of the benefits which you can grasp through an open source shopping cart. The benefits are as follows

  • The open source shopping cart can be installed and customized for free
  • The software is compatible for all kind of online businesses regardless of size
  • There are variety of custom extensions and templates in offering as far as an Open Source shopping cart is concerned
  • As a user you are free to select the hosting providers

The choices

There are many open source shopping carts that can be utilized by you. The options are several and in the headings below we have discussed each individual option briefly

1.      AgoraCart

AgoraCart is a shopping cart which is both secure as well as customizable. The shopping cart can be installed even on your existing website. AgoraCart is home to features like category support, tax rates options, customizable templates and store management tools. AgoraCart is also PA-DSS compliant. The shopping can support payment gateways in access of 10.

2.      ZeusCart

ZeusCart is basically a PHP/My SQL shopping cart which is web based in nature. The shopping cart is renowned for its rich user interface. ZeusCart also meets the requirements of Web 2.0.  The shopping cart is ideal for medium and small storeowners.

Some key offerings of ZeusCart are category management, inventory management and SEO compatible URLs. Other key features of ZeusCart are shipping options, discounts and taxation and email templates.

3.      Broadleaf Commerce

Broadleaf Commerce serves as an open source alternatives for enterprise companies. The shopping cart provides you with a platform which is enterprise level in nature which can be customized as per your specific business needs.

As a user of this shopping cart you can manage upsell, customer accounts, develop promotions and of course manage email marketing as well.

4.      Zen Cart

Zen Cart is also an open source and free shopping cart that has been created by a chunk of consultants, shop owners, designers and programmers.  There are several options in Zen Cart through which you can actually get the cart customized. The customization can be done via a template system.

5.      Commerce.CGI

Commerce.CGI is considered as the first ever free Perl shopping cart that exists on the web. The shopping cart was first introduced back in the year 1998 and ideal for servers that are Unix-based.

However the cart can also be ran on Windows NT (minor code adjustment needed).  Commerce.CGI can also serve as an add-on for a website which already exists.

6.      PrestaShop

Everything from the web store can be handled via PrestaShop. As a store owner you can easily manage and develop the catalog (front-end) and marketing. Through this cart you can also customize orders and change shipping choices as well. The shopping cart is home to three languages and around 41 translations are also available.

Managing top menu of your Presashop website is also very easy with support of Mega Menu PRO, you can shape any type of mega menu you want by just dragging and dropping elements. This module support visual menu editor which is very useful for ones who has no code knowledge.

* Watch this video to see how Mega Menu PRO works:

7.      Loaded Commerce

The Loaded Commerce has its basis in CRE loaded program. The shopping cart also contains security modifications. The community edition of the shopping cart has been developed specifically for home office, small office and storeowners who desire to add transactional abilities in a website already existing.

8.      osCommerce Online Merchant

osCommerce Online Merchant comes along with tools and features that assists storeowners in the management of their back end administration and front end catalog. The 2.3.1 version of this shopping cart is home to template structure that can be utilized for the customization of catalog front end.

The administration tool helps the merchants in configuration of online store, processing of orders, management of customers and inserting of products for the purpose of sale.

9.      Magento

Magento is a shopping cart which is supported by an eco-system of solution partners which is global in nature. The shopping cart was acquired by the famous eBay back in the year 2011. The shopping cart is renowned for its ecommerce features for functionality, presentation and content.

The shopping cart also offers tools pertaining to marketing, catalog management and search engine optimization.

To Sum Up

These were some of the shopping carts that have gained a lot of fame in the market. All these shopping carts are high in quality however for fruitful results you need to pick the one which you think is compatible with your business.

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Calmly, Microsoft does not want to make cars. It is investing in a promising market that is to create softwares and interfaces to bring interactivity, information and facilities to drivers, was released on Tuesday the company of Bill Gates.

The news will begin soon starting with the unprecedented Microsoft Live Search for Devices , a system whereby the driver can surf the internet and receive information through the navigation system of the vehicle.

Currently, Microsoft already has a strong partnership with Ford and Fiat, collaborating on the development of the Sync and Blue & Me interfaces, respectively, both based on the Windows operating system. The Fiat Puntomarketed in Brazil can be equipped with the option for R $ 528, which has voice-activated Bluetooth. In Sync, available in the US only, you can control your mobile phone, audio systems, and browser using spoken commands.

Besides investing more in cars, Microsoft is also investing in Open sources shopping platforms to make e-commerce world better and better

A new platform that will be launched in 2009 will allow an even larger number of devices to be controlled. With it, Microsoft wants to expand its range of partnerships starting with Hyundai , which will launch the new technology in the US market in 2010 and can spread it to other locations shortly thereafter.





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Who said that Ferrari besides making supercars, also does not have a supercomputer? Yes, Windows HPC Server 2008 is designed to run on powerful machines that are typically restricted to NASA-sized research environments and institutions. Nowadays, The process of making integrating Window HPC server 2008 with Open Source Shopping Carts is popular.

According to an article in the BBC , Ferrari plans to use Windows HPC Server 2008 to simulate airflow in cars and also simulate the gases inside engines. The Ferrari IT director explains that this kind of technology helps them a lot in this time of economic crisis because the product is much cheaper than a traditional supercomputer and allows Ferrari to continue to evolve its F1 cars.

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