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The Brawn GP had one of the most brilliant passages of an F1 team . Of course not compared to other years and years in the category, such as Ferrari, McLarenand Willians , but I’m talking about a newcomer, who was in a hurry and had everything to be the joke of the year, but no, swallowed the favorites with a consistent and convincing car and soon in its first year, and now only one, took the world of constructors, made of Jenson Button the world champion and also the third place with Brazilian Rubens Barrichello.

So, now Brawn is just going to be part of the story, as it was bought this week by Mercedes-Benz and the new team will now be called the Mercedes-Benz GP . The announcement was made on Monday by the company’s president, Dieter Zetsche, at a press conference in Frankfurt, Germany. The automaker also confirmed the sale of shares held by McLaren, ending its command over the English team. On the other hand, it guaranteed the supply of engines for the team until 2015.

Brawn had 75.1% of its shares bought by Mercedes – 45.1% directly by the company, with the remaining 30% held by Abu Dhabi’s Aabar investment group, which owns a minority share of the company’s controlling shareholder. Next year, the cars will win the traditional silver paint and the symbol of the three-pointed star.

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