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A Brief Description

The PrestaShop abandoned cart module or Cart Reminder 4 IN 1 serves as the main attraction tool for your customers. The Module results in high customer retention and subsequently higher sales.

The Main Offering

One of the studies has revealed the fact that 50% of the shopping carts are abandoned.  By installing the PrestaShop Abandoned Cart module you can covert the abandoned carts into sales.  The module helps you in sending the cart reminder emails to the clients.

The clients are the ones who have left the shopping carts on your webpage.  You can also add the special offers or voucher codes to the emails for the enhancement of conversation rate.

The Major Features

1.      Send abandoned cart reminder via Email

Cart Reminder 4 IN 1 assists you in sending reminder emails automatically to the clients. The emails contain a message which tells the customer to come back to your webpage so that they may fulfill their orders.

The module also has a feature through which you can add a voucher code in the email. The code encourages the customers to complete checking of their shopping carts that have been abandoned.

The webpage’s abandoned cart list can also be checked by you through the module. You can easily send the cart reminder to a particular client through an email. The purpose is to update the customers with regards to their abandoned carts.

Beautiful email templates are their through which you can easily develop an abandoned cart (reminder email)

2.      Popup notification

The notification feature actually reduces the abandoned cart on your webpage.  If the client leaves your site without completing the shopping cart, the module will show a notification telling the customer the earnestness of the shopping cart. You can grab this opportunity to offer a discount code to the customer. This will increase the customer attention and ultimately sales.

The pop-up content can be customized through HTML editor. There are many codes available which you can integrate into your content.  Pre-made pop-up templates are also available.

3.      Highlight Bar notification

The operation of highlight notification is very similar to the pop up bar.  The only difference lies in the fact that instead of pop up a beautiful highlight bar gets displayed on the top of the site.  Just like pop up, discount can be added in this case as well.  The purpose is of course to increase the conversation rate.

4.      Web Browser notification

Cart Reminder 4 IN 1 takes complete benefit out of web browser notification by showing a cart reminder underneath a form of notification.  The client can always witness the notification on the desktop.

Other Important Features

  • The emails to be sent can be set
  • The sending emails can be limited to the recent carts
  • The email reminders pertaining to abandoned carts can be both disabled as well as enabled
  • The pop up reminders pertaining to abandoned carts can be enabled and disabled
  • The MISC option is their

Other information

  • The module has been developed by professional developers with adequate experience
  • The module is easy to use and install ( guidelines are available)
  • The module has been passed through a test on Prestashop 1.7.x , 1.6.x
  • 24 hour support is their

Customer Perspective

The customer will receive high value from the module. The customers will get due information pertaining to the shopping carts that have been abandoned by them. Similarly discount information can also be grasped.  Features like web browser, popup and highlight bar reminder will surely attract the target market or customers.


  • 3 month support available
  • Ensure that the product runs well with Option Zen on your store for at least 12 months

Installing Tips

  • Login to the back office of your website
  • Navigate (services and modules)
  • Click on the upload button and get the module installed.
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