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E-commerce: An Insight

The transaction of selling and buying online is known as E-commerce (electronic commerce). E-commerce makes full use of various technologies like supply chain management, mobile commerce, internet marketing, EDI and inventory management systems.

The modern day E-commerce utilizes “world wide web” as its base. You should create a responsive website is one of the best solution to make your E-commerce website became popular and get hight rank page on Google Search. The three key areas on which E-commerce focuses on is online auctions, online retail and electric markets.

General Types of E-commerce

There are many types of E-commerce out there and in the headings below we have explained these types in detail

1.      B2B (Business to Business)

B2B involves all kinds of electronic transactions of services or goods conducted among companies. Traditional wholesalers and producers operate via this Ecommerce type.

2.      B2C (Business to Consumer)

The B2C E-commerce gets distinguished by the development of business relationships that are electronic in nature. The relationship exists between final consumers and businesses. It is very much like E-commerce’s retail section.

3.      C2C (Consumer to Consumer)

C2C is home to all kind of electronic transactions of services or goods conducted among customers. In majority of the cases these kinds of transactions are made via a third party. The third party is responsible for the provision of an online platform where different transactions take place.

4.      C2B (Consumer to Business)

C2B is very common when it comes to projects which are based on crowd sourcing. There are a lot of people who make their products and services available for sale. The products or services are directed towards the companies who are searching for them.

5.      B2A (Business to Administration)

Online transactions which are held between public administration and companies fall under the category of B2A. B2A involves different kind of services such as legal documents, social security and employment etc.

6.      C2A (Consumer to Administration)

C2A covers all kinds of electronic transactions which are held between public administration and individuals. Some applications of C2A are

  • Health
  • Social security
  • Taxes

The Benefits

Now let’s jump to the main part of our discourse which is the relationship between a retailer and E-commerce.

Nowadays, Mobile Web is so popular, Google begins mobile-first indexing, using mobile content for all search rankings. You can research Mobile Web: A Brief Analysis to choose a matching website for yourself. This can help your store makes the bigger benefits.

There are many benefits which a retailer can enjoy from E-commerce. The benefits have been explained below

1.      Online Presence

According to a statistic, more than 80% of people have utilized the internet for the purchasing of something. As a retailer online presence is very important. The consumer out their expect that you are available on the internet. You need to have this presence to beat your competition.

2.      New Consumers

As a smart business personnel you wish you grow your business. The only way through which you can actually grow your business is by attracting the new customers. Yes you need to rely on your customer relationships and branding however you need to drive the relevant traffic via search engine as well.

To increase the number of customers for your website, you need to improve the communication quality with customers. When your website is an e-commerce website like Prestashop, it’s important that you will install Prestashop live chat module to communicate directly with your customers on your website.

3.      Less Cost Related to Operations

Having an E-commerce store of your own can really help you save a lot of money. The money can be saved via a web-based management system. This system helps in the automation of very important operational tasks such as inventory management etc.

4.      Better understanding

Building of a customer persona is very difficult if you are only having a physical store. You surely can have some idea about the type of customers you are having but all this is more dependent on your perception rather than actual information/data.

You can easily get your customer buying habits tracked via an E-commerce store. Having customer information under your belt means that know you can come up with better business strategies.

5.      Brand Awareness

Through E-commerce you can actually increase your overall brand awareness. If you create more web sites, the search engine can boost and index your placement.  However to reap the maximum benefits it is recommended that you should use appropriate keywords in your content.

6.      More information

There is no limit to the provision of information to the consumers in case of an E-commerce store. From shipping charges to product description to customer reviews, you can equip your customers with the kind of information they require for making the right purchase.

7.      Sales and Conversation

When you start your business in the absence of time and geographical constraints, you manage to grab new audience.  The quantity of visitors and their rate of conversion increases provided you have a proper E-commerce website.

Make Your Move

What are you waiting for? If you really want to compete in modern market then come up with a nice and attractive online store!

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