What is Live Chat Module?

The Live Chat Prestashop Module is an application through which you can easily chat with more than 100 customers at a time.  The module is home to a wonderful design and high security. The module also has various Chat features pertaining to PrestaShop.

The Product Dynamics

If you are searching for a chat module whose chatting experience is the greatest and which operates smoothly in all kind of devices then the Live Chat Module is the way forward for you.  The module is conducive both for you as well as your customers.

A Unique Module

There are a lot of things which make this Module Unique. Some key aspects have been stated in the points below

  • The module is home to a user driven service
  • You can chat with more than 100 different individuals through it
  • The security layers that have been implemented in the module are the highest
  • Countless features are available in the module
  • Free GEOIP service and Google Map is their
  • The Multi-Shop is supported by the module
  • No Monthly fee is their

Features in Detail

Now let’s see the features in more detail:

1.      Interface

The Live chat module has an interface which is designed in such a way that it looks highly attractive to the general audience.

The frontend chat box is adorable. The chat box can also be customized through effective utilization of the backend custom text and color picker.  Your customer can easily minimize, maximize, close or show the frontend chat box. The chat box works perfectly in mobile devices; which provides a wonderful experience to the customers.

The backend provides the multi chat boxes as well as the side conversation list. The list can come on any page which means that you can converse with many customers at the same time.  The features are integrated in the chat boxes.

2.      Outstanding Performance

The module has been designed in such a way that you do not need to depend much on the customer web browser (memory) or server resource. Dreaming Live Chat is also equipped with options pertaining to custom timing. The options are compatible with server configuration.  The “auto-optimize refresh speed” can also be enabled.

3.      Security and Safety

The module is home to multi security layers which assist you in the enabling of security levels. This helps you in getting rid of attackers and spam.  The module is programmed in such a way that it automatically filer’s the spam messages.  The Captcha Protection layer is also very much there.

4.      Google Map

The feature of free map is very much there. The map is dependent upon GEO IP services and Google Map.  The customer location can easily be traced through effective utilization of the map.  The feature is free of cost and all it requires is the set up API key.

5.      Support

An E-commerce website is highly dependent on chat support.  The dreaming live chat module is highly compatible when it comes to multi-shop mode (PrestaShop).  Installing the app actually allow you to chat with clients having different shops at the similar backend.

6.      Single Payment

The module is one-time free which means that you only need to pay once. There is no monthly payment or alike.  The module can be easily installed on the server and provides you with complete control on your customer discussion. The module also protects the client information.

7.      Highlighted Features

There are some features which serve as the key highlights of Live Chat software. These features are as follows

  • The module has an editor which has a visual interface
  • 4 online statuses are supported by the module
  • The message delivery status is provided by the module
  • You can set up ready-made messages in the module. The bot will chat with the customer for you
  • The operator can be rated by the customer on a scale of 5 levels

Other Key Aspects

  • The module is free from hidden codes
  • Guidelines have been provided with regards to the installation of the module
  • The module runs smoothly on all PrestaShop websites
  • Free support has been provided as far as module downloading or installation goes
  • 24 hour online support is their

From the Eye of the customer

Dreaming live chat is a basically a chat module which is highly compatible with PrestaShop website. The module is the need of an hour and any person who is linked with online work or ecommerce will surely purchase it.  The application is home to fantastic features and is something which is the need of an hour.


  • The product provides you support of 3 months
  • Ensure that the product operates well on the store for at least 12 months with the Option Zen

Installation Procedure

  • Login to the website from the Backend
  • Modules and services should be navigated
  • Click the upload module button and enjoy the module; once installed
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