A Blog module is absolutely necessary for you when it comes to blog management of your website. There are many options in the market as far as Blog module is concerned however not every module out their delivers what it promises. A highly regarded module nowadays is that of Mega Menu. The module is good and provides all the features which are necessary for professional blog and content management.

Mega menu: Overview

Mega menu pro is considered as one of the most powerful PrestaShop module of the year 2017. The module is home to a beautiful design and can display on modern day smartphones like Ipad, Android and IPhone.

The Key Highlights and features

There are many things which define PrestaShop Mega menu. Some of these things have been discussed in the points below

  • The module is home to wonderful design options like submenu animation, prebuilt templates and custom color feature. These options help you in the creation of a professional mega menu for your webpage.
  • A change gets applied in the backend for the purpose of avoiding reloading of webpage. PrestaShop Mega menu has been developed via 100% jQuery Ajax technology. The technology allows you to see changes which you make in the backend. The module also permits you to drop and drag the elements for the development of mega menu as per your liking.
  • Mega menu can also be utilized for the development of mega menu which can be shown on all the devices regardless of the screen size. The application supports browsing and smooth viewing via its mobile menu. The three types of mobile menu that can be set as per your preference are bottom menu, side menu and full screen
  • No advanced computer knowledge is required for the management of PrestaShop Mega menu pro. The module can be well managed by you even if you have basic computer knowledge. 3 elements have contributed to the organization of PrestaShop Mega menu pro. These 3 elements are block, menu and column. Things like duplicating, adding, editing and deleting of the items can be done with ease.
  • Mega menu pro is equipped with different customization methodologies. For example the module allows you to utilize different content types and that too inside your top menu. Similarly Mega menu provides you with more than 500 Google fonts. You can also add your own CSS through backend
  • The entire content of mega menu can be easily exported or imported in Mega menu pro simply by a click. The feature is advanced and is surely not available in other PrestaShop modules available for free. The menu content can be easily transferred as per your necessity
  • PrestaShop Mega Menu pro is simply the best when it comes to blog modules. The application can support multiple languages including RTL languages like Hebrew and Arabic
  • Mega menu pro is also home to its own smart cache. The cache ensures that all of the menu content is loaded promptly. It does not matter whether your menu is home to a complex structure or not

Some other Plus Points!

  • Design ( more than 5 mega menu templates, more than 8 premade color skins)
  • SEO ( instant installation of complex mega menu, an Optimized CSS)
  • Menu ( responsive menu and 3 mobile types of menu)

Other Benefits

There are some extra benefits as well which are linked with Mega menu pro. These benefits are as follows

  • The PrestaShop Menu module is purely open source
  • A user guide is very much their; attached!
  • The PrestaShop mega menu is compatible with the custom theme which is installed on your webpage
  • The application is compatible with web browsers like internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome
  • The installation support is free
  • Support for all kind of technical issues is available 24/7

A Serious Source of customer attraction

The PrestaShop mega menu is the foremost thing which your customers will recognize once they visit your website. The wonderful design equipped with animation effects is something which will surely serve as the main force as far as customer retention goes.

Secondly easy navigation is something which every customer out their craves for. Easy and simple access to products and submenus on your webpage mega menu will provide your clients a convenient way to make their online buying without any difficulty and hassle of any kind.


Do not be shy of contacting us as far as support is concerned. If you encounter any problem pertaining to the installation of the module then rest assured that our technical team is ready to serve you. In order to get the right solutions it is recommended that you raise the questions with our technical team. Overall the module is easy to use and you will surely enjoy it.  Do not waste time and quickly purchase this application to avoid any difficulties!

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