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What is data migration?

As the name indicates, Data migration basically means migration of data from the source Prestashop website to the target Prestashop website or you can migrate data from another platform – Woocommerce to Prestashop.  The process is a little complex and requires a methodology which is robust. Through this article, we have shared with you a data migration guide which will surely reduce the risks which are inherent in data migration from a PrestaShop website.  The guide mentioned below is ideal for Prestashop users.

Scoping of the Project

At the beginning of the project, scoping highlights the possible issues that may appear later on. Scoping helps the migration team in planning for any kind of potential threats.  The main purpose of scoping is to thoroughly go through the project and to do a deep analysis.  The project is reviewed both in terms of its structure as well as its technical aspects.

1. Structure

Following things are considered as far as the structure of the project upgrade Prestashop from 1.6 to 1.7 is concerned

  • Are the objectives and the deadlines of the project adequately defined
  • Is the budget optimum?
  • Does the plan includes all the major requirements of the stakeholders
  • Is there any kind of communication plan developed? If yes, does it include all the major stakeholders?
  • Are the team members enough and do they possess the required skills? In case they are consultants than for how long they will be available for the project?

2. Technical Aspects

Following are the things which are considered for the technical aspect of the Upgrade Prestahsop to

  • The migration method: Prestashop migrator, Woocommerce to Prestashop or 1 click to migrate.
  • The plan for data security
  • The technical features of the data migration tool: you should choose the tool that allows you migrate a part or all of data. Especially, that tool migrate all of the data include password of cusomters and employee from your source Prestashop site.
  • The quality, structure, and volume of the data
  • Is the software as per the skills of the individuals working on the project?

3. The Migration Methodology

For successful data migration, a clear methodology is highly important. The majority of the companies that provide data migration services have their own unique methods.  Our method involves the pre-migration scoping, followed by core migration process and project assessments. Whatever may be the case, the methodology should involve the following:

  • First of all the extraction design is created.
  • Secondly, the migration design is created.
  • Thirdly the mapping rules are developed.
  • Then the test overview is done.
  • Then the unit test is conducted.
  • After the unit test, the integration test is held.
  • A proper recovery plan is developed for each stage of the migration.
  • Finally, the go-live plan is made.

4. Data Preparation

The data preparation involves a number of phases such as:

  • The landscape analysis audits how each particular system works and how the data is structured within each system.
  • Secondly, the data assurance is done. It validates the data that has been identified in the landscape analysis. It also validates that the data is fit for the purpose.
  • Thirdly the data profiling is done. The data profiling ensures that any previous data is ideal for the new requirement of the company.
  • The data quality definitions are utilized in order to identify if the data is of correct standard or not.
  • A retirement plan is made to define, a particular data is no longer needed.
  • After this data verification is done which is further followed by data cleansing. The data cleansing checks whether the data is complete, available and accessible.
  • Finally, the data impact analysis is done which ensures that the data cleansing is free from the Knock-on effect on the other elements within the target systems and source.

5. Data Security

Data security is very critical in all of the platform include Prestashop and the migration team must develop a data security plan earlier. The plan includes the following important things.

  • First of all secure data transfer needs to be ensured.
  • Secondly, a secure server access needs to be ensured.
  • Similarly, secure data access must be made possible.
  • You need to come up with the exact number of permissions that are required for the transferring of the data.
  • Vetting and clearance of personal consultants.
  • The information sessions or training required by the personnel.
  • Vetting of the software that needs to be utilized for the migration process.
  • Finally email protocols and portable storage devices.

6. Business Engagement

The presence of experienced business leaders will ensure that the data migration process goes off smoothly. The main purpose of the migration is to make the business process efficient and effective. If this thing is communicated well, then everything will go off smoothly.  The project will benefit provided:

  • If it is well aligned with the business profit.
  • If the expectations are well managed.
  • If the particular business issues are linked to it.
  • If professional practices are demonstrated.
  • If quick wins are established.

Make Your Move

Do not worry as the steps above are ideal for you even if you are a PrestaShop user. Make your Move and enhance the effectiveness of your Business.  Try to utilize Prestashop migration platforms like Prestashop Migrator and 1 click to Migrate.

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